Order and usage 

If you want to use the fish oil from Eqology, you find the necessary information regarding the purchase and use of this fish oil on this page.

First of all, you can find below the instructions. Read those carefully if you have ordered your package from Eqology.



You can order the fish oil from Eqology in two ways.


1) Via the website of Eqology.


We heard some complaints about the website of Eqology. Some people have problems to order their fish oil because they find the website too complicated. In that case you can use our service as described under 2).


2) You can easily order your oil here. We will prepare your order on your behalf on the website of Eqology. In the instructions you can find information how to log in to the Eqology website to make your payment.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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