Fish oil and fish oil

Fish oil and fish oil



There are many companies that offer fish oil on the market. The prices differ a lot, which is also the case for the quality. To make a good decision the following things are important to look at/keep in mind: 


We have chosen the Pure Arctic Oil from Eqology, because it scores very well on all the above points (for example a Totox value of 4 to 6) and in addition, this brand offers a number of other benefits as described under the heading 'Why fish oil?'. It is not the cheapest supplement, but as far as we can judge it is by far the most effective. One of the things that we especially like is that you can actually measure your fatty acid balance very easily (just at simple home bloodtest) before the start of using the fish oil and again after you have used this fish oil for some time. Very handy smiley.



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