Why fish oil?

Do you have the best balance?

Balance is almost everywhere important. We often know it when we are out of balance. But ...... .. oddly enough, hardly anyone knows his / her fatty acid balance. While that can even literally be of vital importance! Now you might think: "Do not exaggerate like that" ...... Uhmmm, we do not ...

Thousands of studies have been conducted into the use of fish oil in rheumatoid diseases. Conclusion: The use of a high-dose fish oil has a positive effect on many disease-related complaints (Gioxari et al, 2018). 


became incapacitated by

Bechterew's disease.
She indicates that she

has regained her life by using the oil we

selected too.

If you have never heard of it, you are certainly not the only one. If you have heard of it and believe your balance is ok: Check now. 

Much misery concerning health can be prevented and / or repaired by taking a closer look at your fatty acid balance.

Why just fatty acids?

You may wonder why exactly that fatty acid balance is so important. Vitamins and minerals are important too?

And that's right. However ... due to an imbalance in the fatty acids, the cell membranes (= membrane / covering around the cell) do not function properly in all your cells. Healthy cell membranes offer a much better basis for the absorption of nutrients. So also vitamins and minerals. A good fatty acid balance is therefore essential for your body to properly absorb your diet including all kinds of vitamins and minerals. And with that your fatty acid balance is crucial for good health!

On this website scientific information has been collected for many complaints and illnesses. There is really already a lot known. Bizarre enough.


How to take better care of your 100,000 billion cells?

The most important essential fatty acids are two families of fats: the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids include oily fish, flaxseed oil, chia seed, hemp seed and walnuts. The omega-6 fatty acids are mainly found in vegetable fats, margarines and ready-to-eat products. Because our diet has changed enormously over the past decades, we now get a lot more omega-6 fats than before and hardly anyone in the 'western' world has a good omega 6: 3 balance. Ideally, that ratio is 1: 1. Nowadays, the ratio of 5 (for the omega-6): 1 (for the omega-3) is considered acceptable. In the western world, however, almost everyone is above 15: 1. And that can have very unpleasant consequences.



Omega-3 fatty acids can provide an important health benefit in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (Calder, 2018).


The supplier of the fish oil that we have selected offers free insurance for people who do not yet have cardiovascular disease, if they use the oil for at least 6 months. The insurance pays € 5.000, - if you still get a heart attack or stroke after those 6 months.

Research has shown that an imbalanced balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is responsible for low-grade inflammations in your body. Your cells no longer function properly if this balance is disturbed and you get so-called low-grade (= latent) inflammations. You do not feel them like a real inflammation, but they play an important role in all sorts of complaints and illnesses. Only a few: high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.

An excess of omega-6 fats can even be an important cause of all kinds of moods, behavioral disorders, concentration problems, sleep problems and ADHD in children.


By reducing the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats to a ratio of 5: 1 or lower, many of the harmful effects of excess omega-6 fatty acids can be reversed or prevented.


Why this website! 

With this website we want to:

      • challenge you to measure your fatty acid content by doing a simple home blood test and increase your omega-3 level. 
      • Inform people about the fatty acid balance, so that they have complaints and diseases can prevent, reduce and / or restore. 
      • Ensure that more attention is paid to the fact that a high quality fish oil, without side effects, many diseases / diseases no longer occur, reduce or repair. There is scientific proof about it !!! And practical experience too

The fish oil of Eqology

In the marketplace are a lot of companies that offer fish oil. We have chosen the Pure Arctic Oil from Eqology because, as far as we know, this is the most effective fish oil, because: 

  • The oil is high dosed, making it possible to reach the scientifically effective dosages well. the oil involves natural chemical compounds as in the fish itself. This promotes the absorption in your body. 
  • This oil is by far one of the purest fish oils in the world. On the one hand because the Totox value is extremely low (on average 4 to 6). The Totox value indicates the degree of oxidation. The higher the Totox value, the more rancid the fish oil. On the other hand because the oil is purified from contaminants in fish such as mercury, PCBs and dioxins.
  • The oil is sustainable. Fish is used from the purest seas in the world and heavy overfishing is taken into account (MSC quality mark).
  • A natural lemon flavor has been added to the oil, making it easy to take.
  • An independent blood test is offered (simple home bloodtest). that you can do yourself at home) to determine the omega 6: 3 ratio and omega-3 index (percentage of omega-3 in your blood). You also know what your score is in the beginning and after a few months. Measuring is Knowing ... Below is an example of the test result. 


An increase in omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA, can improve the reading ability and behavior of children with ADHD. The British study in which this has been demonstrated illustrates that a reduced DHA status also has significant effects on the thinking and behavior of healthy schoolchildren without pronounced learning and behavioral problems such as ADHD and dyslexia.
A 10-year-old boy with ADHD had sleep and behavioral problems. He was found to have a fatty acid ratio of 35.1: 1.

The ratio was this after 4 months using the oil  4,8: ​​1 and the boy could sleep much better, felt and behaved better and could concentrate better (this is an anonymous and therefore slightly adapted real-life practice example).

Even more advantages of the Eqology Arctic Oil:

  • Eqology takes into account body weight in its use advice. Experience shows that after 4 to 6 months use of the oil the omega 6: 3 ratio is in most cases lower than 5: 1 (provided the start value was not higher than 20: 1). 
  •  The DHA fatty acid in the oil is higher than the EPA fatty acid. DHA and EPA are both omega-3 fatty acids. DHA is the building material for your brain / nerves and cell membranes in general. EPA is the anti-inflammatory fatty acid. It costs the body much more effort to convert EPA into DHA than vice versa and we also need DHA in many more processes than EPA. 
  • It contains 10 micrograms of Vitamin D3, a vitamin that most North-European people also have a shortage of. In addition, Vitamin D works in synergy with Omega-3 (DHA) in a number of important processes in the body and brain, such as the production of myelin, the substance that protects the connections in our brains. 
  • It contains olive oil antioxidants that also proved being effective in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the polyphonols contained in a high-quality cold-pressed olive oil support the immune system and the omega-9 present in the olive oil has a positive synergistic effect on omega-3 and vice versa. All of this is beneficial for heart and blood vessels, prevents aggregation of platelets and proteins (especially in the brain!) And helps to keep the blood sugar level at a good level.
  • Eqology offers for people who do not yet have cardiovascular disease, free insurance, if they use the oil for at least 6 months. The insurance pays € 5.000, - if you still get a heart attack or stroke after those 6 months. 
  • The oil has been tested for top athletes on prohibited substances and approved by the Cologne List®. 
  • If the first test shows that your ratio is already lower than 3: 1, you will get your money back from Eqology. So if you think it's okay with you because you really eat a lot of fatty fish or have been taking another high-quality omega-3 supplement for a while: Then join in, then you know for sure. You have nothing to lose. Only win. Because if your balance is good, you just get your money back and you know for sure that you have 'the best balance'. If your ratio is still not good, then you can still achieve the 'best balance' with the oil you receive. 






Would you like to receive more background information? 

Feel free to contact Greet Vonk (+31613912658).


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